• What is the difference between a VA and a PA

    All interaction with a VA is done remotely therefore you as the client do not have to worry about paying for any fringe benefits as is the case when hiring a PA.

  • Do you offer Payment Plans

    Unfortunately not.  Payment for any work requested is required to be paid up-front.  There are however a number of pricing structures available.  Please refer to my page on Services Offered / Pricing

  • Do VA’s work after-hours

    Unless it’s a dire emergency, then NO.  All clients (whether International or Local) can refer to my standard working hours on my webpage.

  • As an Independent Contractor what can you offer me that an Outsourcing Agent cannot

    No 1 - There are no hidden costs.
    No 2 - I have a personal stake in your business and therefore I am fully committed in delivering the best possible service to you.
    No 3 – YOU get to choose me.

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